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For The Love of Money

Guest post by Jeanna Gabellini 10-Minute Money Makers What is your relationship with income from your business? Are you enjoying what you have and feeling in partnership with it? Could you improve your level of gratitude about money? I love … Continue reading

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Watch Your Language!

Our language is so powerful that, at times, we don’t realize the impact.  Let’s look at an example that you can bring into your awareness that can make a big difference. Giving Feedback: I was working in Rhode Island a … Continue reading

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Is It a Lie That You Should Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated?

Guest post by Allison S. Tabor, CPC, CPSM Coppia Communications While the virtue being extolled was well intended to help us become considerate citizens, adopting this belief caused unintended negative consequences. Did you ever have a conversation with someone that … Continue reading

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Remote Teams and Connection

So many companies, especially high tech and online media companies are working remotely. How do we build connection when we are spread out across the country?  Building connection to build a team needs to be very intentional when you work … Continue reading

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Connection Builds Teams

What comes to your mind when I say—“Connection Builds Teams”? Does your brain say—“oh yes” or “huh?” There is important data that backs up the theory that when you are connected with people at work and have satisfying relationships, you … Continue reading

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Leadership Lesson: Love Works

An esteemed colleague and good friend heard Joel Manby speak about his book, “Love Works,” at a Toastmaster Conference.  He said, “You would really like this guy.” I just finished listening to the audio book.  He was so right. Joel’s … Continue reading

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