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Below is the line up of our past guests.  You can listen to them today on iTunes.

Monday, March 31st – Entrepreneurial Success: Creating a culture and ownership in a small business – With Ellen Slattery

Ellen SlatteryThis Monday, March 31st is our final show on the ContacTalkRadio network. We’re going out with a bang!  Join us as we talk with Ellen Slattery, CEO and Owner of Gracie’s and Ellie’s in Providence Rhode Island.

Travel on the journey with Ellen as she grew her 5-Star Restaurant and birthed her French Cafe Bakery. With a staff of almost 60 people, Ellen has led in a way that provides leadership, ownership-thinking on the part of staff and focus on an exemplary customer experience.

No matter what business you are in, you will learn from Ellen’s wisdom.


Monday, March 24th – Shared Office Space/Hubs: Are you tired of working alone? – With Felena Hanson

Felena HansonEntrepreneurs and folks who work remotely spend a lot of time alone. Proximity for energy and new ideas can be a real boost to productivity and loving your work! As we explore this option, we’ll be talking with Felena Hanson who has created “Her Hub,” a shared, flexible work and meeting space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive, spa-like environment.

The platform provides members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community … thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous. After building three successful locations in San Diego County, their next goal is to support over 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their business via 200 Hera Hub locations over the next 5 years.

Hera HubFelena is passionate about education, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of San Diego and her MBA from California State University Dominguez Hills. She taught Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and at California State University Dominguez Hills for the MBA online program for eight years. Felena has been nominated for numerous small business awards and was recently rewarded for community efforts by winning the “Women Business Owner of the Year Award” by the local chapter of the National Organization of Women Business Owners.

Come join the conversation! We’d love to hear what you are thinking!


Monday, March 17th – One Asset to Cultivate: Resilience – With Martha Johnson

Martha JohnsonMartha Johnson could write the book on resilience and she has. It’s called On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Resilience. It includes more than her personal story of how she bounced back after the onslaught of the Congressional Hearings in April, 2012. It’s about how a creative leader carries out innovative strategies and the lessons she learned about how to lead and motivate employees in such a diverse organization as the General Services Administration (GSA).

In Martha’s case, her low point was the two days that Congress literally screamed at her about something she was not directly in control of and really was only vaguely aware of. But as the Administrator of the GSA, she accepted responsibility for the employees’ actions. And in 2012 (an election year) she resigned to limit campaign fall out.

On My Watch by Martha JohnsonLeaders have many attributes, and Martha says the most important one is optimism. She believes a manager is always optimistic: cheering on and motivating the employees, selling the mission, always recruiting and so on. But she is also personally optimistic and views her 2012 crisis as an opportunity for positive change.

Tune in and find out how “surprise” can be a source of energy and a tool after a leader hits the wall.  Learn from a female leader’s perspective about government culture and the importance of creativity and the part risk plays in innovation.

Martha Johnson is a leadership speaker and writer with a 30-year career in both business and government. Leading GSA under President Obama she secured her reputation for strategic creativity in big organizations. She recently published a book on her experiences:  On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Resilience, a best seller on Amazon. Johnson was graduated with a BA from Oberlin College and an MBA from the Yale University School of Management. She is married, has two adult children and an elderly father, and resides in Annapolis, Maryland.


Monday, March 10th – Let’s Be Direct: Why Direct Sales is REAL Business – With Michelle Girasole

Michelle GirasoleJoin us as we talk about start-up companies, companies with missions and direct sales. All of those speak to Jamie Oliver at Home. If you’ve ever thought about the direct sales business you’ll learn a lot from the creative marketing director of JOAH, Michelle Girasole. We’re going to discuss what it’s like being part of a start-up company and a global business, how social mission really moves people to become involved, and why direct sales is a good alternative for people in the work force, especially in this type of economy.

Jamie Olive at HomeMichelle Girasole has a 20+ year history in both corporate and entrepreneurial marketing, with an expertise in online marketing and start-up strategy. Michelle is the co-author (with Wendy!) of The Sassy Ladies’ Toolkit for Start-up Businesses, an accomplishment which underscores her passion for entrepreneurial opportunities for all. She is an award-winning author, mom-blogger, Girl Scout leader and beach bum, not to mention a passionate consumer of home party products. No, she doesn’t sleep much, but she and her husband love to eat well and discover ways to get their two young kids to eat more fruits and veggies.


Monday, February 24th – The Why, When and How of Effective Financial Conversations – With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Kathleen Burns KingsburyWhether you are in a romantic relationship or business partnership, talking about money with those close to you is an important skill. However, many people avoid discussing financial matters until it is too late, resulting in misunderstandings, hurt feelings and in some instances, marital and/or business divorce. In this interview, learn from wealth psychology expert and author, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, the secrets for having effective financial conversations and how doing so can improve your marriage, increase your profitability and empower you and those around you.

How to Give Financial Advice to Couples.Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, and the author of several books including How to Give Financial Advice to Women and How to Give Financial Advice to Couples. She serves on the CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council, is a thought-leader columnist for and is frequently quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. Kathleen is a faculty member of the Certified Private Wealth Advisor program of IMCA and teaches the Psychology of Financial Planning course at the McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and an Undergraduate Degree in Finance. For more information, visit


Monday, February 17th – Money Has No Conscience; It Depends on Yours – With Valerie Coleman Morris

Valerie Coleman MorrisPlease join us for this exciting show!  Former CNN Business Anchor and 3 time Emmy award winning TV/Radio journalist, Valerie Coleman Morris, will explain why she believes that ongoing financial education must be “top of mind” – and thought of as a marathon not a sprint.

Valerie states, “People do it every day without knowing as much as they should.  They have unprotected spending not mindful of the consequences.  That’s how we all contributed to the recent recession and why – in order to have a sustainable recovery – we must connect the mental and emotional disciplines (or lack thereof) surrounding our money habits and decisions.”

It's Your Money
Valerie is the author of It’s Your Money So Take It Personally® and professor at the Academy of Art University, Department of Multimedia, San Francisco, CA.  She is also a past winner of the Peabody Award which recognizes distinguished achievement and meritorious service by broadcasters, cable and Webcasters, producing organizations, and individuals.



Monday, February 10th – It’s Time to Fall in Love … With Your Numbers! With Anne Maxfield

Anne MaxfieldIf you’re not in love with your numbers, now’s the time to fall in love for the first time, or re-kindle an old flame.

Do you let your fear of numbers keep you from moving ahead and maximizing your business? And while you could tell anyone, in a heartbeat, what the price of a $1000 pair of Louboutin’s are with a 20% discount, it would take you longer to figure out what your salary with a 20% increase would be, right? It’s time to change that!

Anne Maxfield is a serial entrepreneur who has taken her C-level expertise-creating, building and selling a multi-million dollar business and now works with select business owners on strategic and financial planning so, like her, they can live their dreams. She has a brilliant mind that easily makes order out of chaos, along with the strategic vision to look at a business from 30,000 feet and pick out the essential details needed for success.

Anne’s goal is to help you, whether you’re looking to build, save, or sell your company. The take-way will be a check list to start taking control of your numbers. It’s an easy list, at every step giving you the options of: doing it, delegating it, or outsourcing it.

Ready to fall in love?


Monday, February 3rd – Let’s Go Out and Kick Some Fat Assets – With Susan Hirshman

Susan HirschmanFor too many people, a conversation about personal finance and investing can be very dry and boring – but it doesn’t have to be!  In our broadcast today we will chat with Susan Hirshman who has found a way to explain investing in a fun, familiar and fitting way.  We will awaken your hidden personal finance competence and leave you with a sense of control and confidence toward your financial future.

Susan Hirshman is one of the most credentialed persons I know in the financial services industry. She’s got it all – an MBA, a CFA, a CFP, a CPA, a CDFA … and the list goes on and on.  She is an author, has been quoted in major newspapers and magazines and has appeared on television numerous times.

But – no need to feel intimidated …

When it comes to her finances … she is a self-admitted recovering:

  • Chargeaholic
  • Spendaholic
  • Hope and a prayeraholic …
  • And yes, a cliché but it is true, a shoeaholic

fat-assets-bookIn other words, perfection is not her middle name.  As she tells it – it wasn’t until she came to terms with the fact that her plan of “having a man as her financial plan” wasn’t working out so well, that she took control of, got engaged in and focused on her financial life. Based on her work in financial services and speaking with hundreds of women over the past twenty plus years she knew she was not alone in her financial imperfections – and became obsessed with helping other women find the same sense of confidence, comfort and command over her finances that she now has.


Monday, January 27th – Are You Ready to Be a Change Agent and a Thought Leader? – With Denise Brosseau

Denise BrosseauWithin their fields, thought leaders are sources of inspiration and innovation. They have the gift of harnessing their expertise and their networks to make their innovative thoughts real and easy to replicate, sparking sustainable change and even creating movements around their ideas.

Why become a thought leader? No matter where you are in your career, thought leadership is the key that unlocks a whole new level of professional accomplishment and achievement as well as career and personal satisfaction.

If you are ready to increase your influence, expand your impact and become a trusted change agent and thought leader in your niche, this program is for you.

  • Learn the insider secrets of successful change agents and the 7 key steps to make your own successful transition from leader to thought leader.
  • Understand how to use thought leadership to gain visibility for you, your team and your ideas across your company and your industry.
  • Gain inspiration and best practices from the stories of others who advanced their careers through thought leadership.

Denise Brosseau has dedicated her career to helping women leaders scale their success as entrepreneurs and executives. She is the CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, an executive talent agency in Silicon Valley. Denise loves to start things – she co-founded the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (now Watermark), the Invent Your Future Conference for Women and Springboard Enterprises, the prestigious women’s start-up launch pad that has led to over $6B in funding for women entrepreneurs.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

She is the author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader? just published by Wiley/Jossey-Bass and in 2012, she was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change.


Monday, January 20th – Get out of your Own Way to Play a Bigger Game – With Dr. Sharon Melnick

Sharon MelnickThere are two types of success-minded business owners — those who take action, and those who remain stuck despite their best intentions. Do you watch as business owners with HALF your talent succeed at 10x your level — while you scratch your head and wonder “why does it look so easy for them and feel so hard for me!?”

According to Harvard-trained business psychologist and stress expert Sharon Melnick, PhD, the key is to know your specific “action blocker” and apply the right solution for your specific type.  Once you have the right solutions, you could go to bed at night relaxed, proud of the results you got that day, and happy with the quality time you had with your family.

Practical skills you will learn on this show include how to:
Success Under Stress

  • Know “in your bones” — not just intellectually — that you are ready to put yourself out there, and discover how to let go of your need for others’ approval (but still be a good person)
  • Focus on the ONE project that will beeline your success rather than spin on the “millions of ideas” you enjoy having but won’t give you income or impact this month
  • How to break down a big, hairy, complicated task into manageable steps, so you can get started at step 1 and keep going until you finish …


Monday, January 13th – Got a Business Idea? Tap Into Your Vision, Create a Plan, Get Results! – With Joan Dwyer

Joan DwyerHave a great business idea? Thinking of following your passion and starting your own business or have a business that needs some juice? Come be supported and gain tools for creating right livelihood. Map out viable action steps to:

  • Clarify your vision for work and a joy-full life
  • Create a guiding mission statement
  • Utilize and appreciate business plans and budgets
  • Be inspired to move to the next step.

Join Joan Dwyer the creator and director of All That Matters yoga + holistic health center and business consultant to get clear about healthy steps toward starting or re-booting your business.

All That Matters (ATM) is New England’s largest non-residential yoga and holistic education center, and Joan has been a student of the healing arts since 1975. She created and leads ATM’s “40-Days (R)evolution,” a transformative program in which people do the healing work of eating well, meditating, and doing yoga in community. Joan draws on her decades of holistic education and business experience as strategic consultant, empowering new yoga studios and other clients to succeed.

Additionally, Joan shares her expertise on television, in magazine articles, and in workshops on “The Business of Yoga” at the Yoga Alliance Conference and elsewhere. She is on staff at Kripalu’s Yoga Teacher Trainings, teaching “The Business of Yoga.” Joan is excited about helping make the world a healthier place, one person and one community at a time.


Monday, January 6th – Get A Fresh Grip on Your Life in 2014!!!
– With Glenna Salsbury

Glenna SalsburyKick off your New Year with fresh insights and inspiration!!! Be rejuvenated for 2014 as Glenna Salsbury shares transformational keys for enhancing your energy, your effectiveness and your enthusiasm for living, personally and professionally!

You will discover practical ideas for juggling your multiple roles and managing your disappearing time!

In addition, Glenna will challenge you about your life purpose and your inner joy! Don’t miss this opportunity for a fresh start!!

Known for her spontaneity, humor and high energy, Glenna Salsbury is a life-changing communicator!!!

  • Award-winning professional speaker and author of The Art of The Fresh Start
  • Graduate of Northwestern University, with a Masters from UCLA and Fuller Seminary
  • Serves Fortune 500 clients nationally and internationally

The Art of The Fresh Start


Monday, December 30th – Pricing Questions? You Asked for It! – With Mark Stiving

Mark StivingPricing is one of our most requested topics, probably because it’s so important, yet so confusing. During this show Wendy asks Dr. Mark Stiving, our popular pricing expert, questions that come from you, our listeners. Listen to Wendy and Mark discuss different real life pricing problems. Learn how a pricing professional thinks when tackling these situations.

Hint: It’s so much more than just pricing.

Mark Stiving is an instructor at Pragmatic Marketing where he teaches teams in product management and product marketing how to be much more effective at their jobs. He has a Ph.D. in Pricing from Berkeley, taught marketing at Ohio State, started and sold a product company, has been a pricing executive at major corporations and has coached many startups. He is proud that he was the first man on It’s All in the BRA and now he will be the first repeat guest!


Monday, December 23rd – Marketing Model for Success –
Get ready for 2014! – With Lisa Manyon

Lisa ManyonLisa Manyon is “The Business Marketing Architect” – a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. The creator of The New Marketing Model for Success, Lisa’s “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula has shifted and is shaping the future of the way we market today. Her relationship – first approach is friendly, effective and teaches people how to create marketing messages with integrity based on values.

Her philosophies have been featured in Inc. Magazine and alongside visionaries Richard Branson, Jessica Jackley, Arianna Huffington and B Corporations like Ben and Jerry’s in the bestselling books Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save The World and Engage: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Workplace that You, Your Co-workers and Your Customers Love!

Lisa’s innovative marketing vision is known to accurately predict marketing trends. Renowned for her Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, Content Strategy Plans and website copy and strategy packages, Lisa helps clients build relationships, attract ideal clients and increase income online and offline (often uncovering unrealistic web expectations). Lisa’s marketing and consulting techniques have doubled client engagement and opt-in rates quickly, generated over $40,000.00 in just one focused email campaign and produced over $75,000.00 in sales via a single launch concept.


Monday, December 9th – Empowering Women Through Finance – With Dale Marie Golden

Dale Marie Golden
Why do women shy away from finance? Many great entrepreneurs say, “I like figuring out how to make money — but I hate keeping track of it.” Dale Marie Golden has been in banking over 20 years. She is passionate about helping women in business and is a huge connector in the community. As you prepare for 2014 you’ll want to be cleaning up your act around finance — and Dale Marie can give you some simple steps to move you towards financial success.

During Dale Marie’s 14 years at Wells Fargo Bank she was awarded for her achievements in Customer Service, Sales and Leadership. She currently serves as Vice President of Torrey Pines Bank in Oakland, CA and the Head of Women’s Business and Non Profit Banking Program. She recently was awarded the first ever Trailblazer Award from the Oakland Chamber’s EBWIBR for her leadership and contributions to Women in Business and the Not for Profit community.


Monday, December 2nd – Fabulous Women in Business: This time, It’s ALL About Bras! – With Tomima Edmark

Tomima EdmarkJoin Wendy and her guest Tomima Edmark, an extremely successful serial entrepreneur! Tomima will share some lessons she has learned along the way.  She is the CEO of the Dallas-based Andra Group, via which she runs e-commerce ventures ( and to sell undergarments to men and women.

In addition — you will get a sneak peek into the bra company and learn about what we as women need, how to get it and the research behind the “Know Your Breasts Bra Finder.” Every woman needs this show!

Tomima is also the inventor of the wildly successful Topsy Tail, a hair accessory for women, that she marketed by herself to revenues of $150 million.

Along the way, she became known for her entrepreneurship and was featured on television shows and in business publications like Good Morning AmericaOprahForbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.


Monday, November 25th – Consultant Perspective: Sorry I Broke Your Company – With Karen Phelan

Karen PhelanKaren Phelan is sorry. She really is. She tried to do business by the numbers — the management consultant way — developing measures, optimizing processes, and quantifying performance. The only problem is that businesses are run by people. And people can’t be plugged into formulas or summed up in scorecards.

Karen Phelan BookHer recently published book, I’m Sorry I Broke Your Company, When Management Consultants are the Problem, Not the Solution is a tragi-comic tale of how consulting practices often go awry and is currently available all over the world. Karen has been featured in Fortune online, Leadership Excellence magazine, the AMA Newsletter, as well various business blogs and radio shows and has recently been a featured speaker at the national HR Summit of the Conference Board of Canada.

Operating Principals Website
Karen on Twitter
Karen on LinkedIn


Monday, November 18th – Giving Voice to Values: The “How” of Values-Driven Leadership – With Mary Gentile

Mary GentileHow can you effectively stand up for your values when pressured by your boss, colleagues, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite?

Educator Mary Gentile empowers business leaders with the skills to voice and act on their values and align their professional path with their principles. Her book, Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, Yale University Press, is inspired by a curriculum Gentile launched at the Aspen Institute with Yale School of Management, now housed at Babson College, and which has been piloted in well over 500 sites on all seven continents.

Challenging the assumptions about business ethics at companies and business schools, she argues that often the issue isn’t distinguishing what is right or wrong, but knowing how to act on your values despite opposing pressure. Drawing on actual business experiences as well as social science research, Gentile offers advice, practical exercises, and scripts for handling a wide range of ethical dilemmas. Join us for a fascinating interview and join in the conversation.

Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What's Right“Giving Voice to Values heralds a revolution in ethics education. Gentile isn’t interested in abstract (and often fruitless) debates about ethical principles — rather, she wants to help you practice what to do when you know something is unethical. It’s like a self-defense class for your soul.”  — Dan and Chip Heath, authors of Switch and Made to Stick

Mary C. Gentile PhD
Director, Giving Voice To Values, Babson College


Monday, November 11th – The “F-Word”: Why Feminism Matters to your Business and your Career – With Nicole Baran

Nicole BaranWe talk about the glass ceiling and we talk about “leaning in,” but do we talk about the impact of a male dominated culture on breaking the glass? Do we talk about the barriers to “leaning in” that can only be eradicated when we are free to honestly discuss sexism?  Many women identify as “feminists” but feel compelled to downplay those beliefs in their careers.

Nicole Baran is an entrepreneur who has integrated feminism in the organizations she has built—with a nonprofit taking action to end violence against women and a foundation funding programs that increase the representation of women in STEM (STEM is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  From mentoring young leaders to developing personnel policies on relationship abuse to having the tough conversations, she will be talking about what we all can do to bring feminism into our professional lives and why it will advance all of our careers.

Nicole Baran is the Executive Director of the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation which funds innovative strategies for eliminating obstacles facing marginalized populations, with an emphasis on empowering women and promoting educational equality. She established the infrastructure and direction of the Foundation and became the first Executive Director in 2009.

Nicole is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, a non profit that has trained 9,000 individuals and engaged 100 young leaders in the movement to end violence against women through its Next Generation Internship Program. Their innovative website, has provided professional resources to over 300,000 individuals across 196 countries.

Nicole has been teaching in the Feminist Studies Program at Stanford University since 2007 after developing Violence Against Women: Theory, Issues and Prevention. In 2006, she successfully partnered with Stanford University to institutionalize a comprehensive response to gender-based violence on campus.  She managed a five-year grant from the USDOJ Office on Violence Against Women and was instrumental in implementing Stanford’s first Office on Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse. She has delivered over 300 customized workshops, locally and nationwide, at organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, the San Francisco Bar Association, and California’s State Domestic Violence Coalition.

Nicole received her BA and MA in English from Stanford University and a Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, with a specialization in management and a focus on women’s rights.


Monday, November 4th – Pay Attention to the #s: Learn an Approach to Drive Up Margins & Profits in Your Business – With Chris Vanderzyden

Chris VanderzydenChris discusses her methods to driving profits and creating a fulfilling business that provides a life of ease and fulfillment.

  1. Provide clear steps to understanding metrics in your business
  2. Discusses the process of creating an action based plan to drive your sales numbers, profit margins and income.

Chris Vanderzyden is a business consultant who guides small business owners to create the highest profitable business possible while creating a life of ease and fulfillment. Chris’ business career began as a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers, then as an asset manager with Northwest Asset Management in Los Angeles.

Following her position as a CPA, Chris became an entrepreneur and grew a nationwide advertising specialty company to produce millions of dollars in revenue.

Her unique experience in the financial and marketing disciplines, real world experience, and her action-oriented approach guides her clients to increase margins, profits, and create the business that they deserve and desire.

Chris is a Hay House author of The A-Z Blueprint for Success – a Strategy of Action Steps To Elevate your Business and Life. Her next book, The 7 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Victory: The Victory Code to Drive Profits and Run Your Business at the Platinum Level is scheduled for release February 14, 2014.


Monday, October 28th – Stop Settling for Good Enough in Your Wardrobe … and Your Life – With Ginger Burr

Ginger BurrOver the past 26 years, Ginger Burr, believing that your image is about representing the best of you (not making designers happy), has built a remarkable career as an expert personal image consultant working with women from all walks of life. Whether it’s the “dynasty” shoulder pad era, the never-ending confusion of business casual, or the low-rise pant controversy, she has helped women navigate through (and sometimes completely ignore!) the styles of the season and feel good about how they look.  Be sure to join us Monday, October 28, 2013 if you’re interested in:

  • Learning the 3 most critical components of any woman’s wardrobe. (These alone will change your wardrobe and personal style forever!)
  • The hidden costs of settling for ‘good enough’ and how to break out of that rut to create an authentic personal style that increases your self-confidence and gives you the competitive edge!
  • The #1 thing women do to sabotage their efforts to create a wardrobe they love and an easy time-tested solution.

A notable speaker and leader in the field of fashion and style, Ginger’s adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion has been celebrated by Fox TV News, The Boston Globe,,, Bloomberg Business Week, and Forbes Magazine. In addition, Ginger created a body image, self-esteem, and style coaching program “Who Taught You How to Dress?” used by women all over the world. This innovative program allows women to overcome internal obstacles and learn the practical (as well as soft) skills they need to create a wardrobe they love–all in the comfort of their own home—and with Ginger’s personal guidance. She is also the author of That’s So You! Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style and Grace!

Ginger has also been recognized by VegNews Magazine as one of the “25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians” in the world for her innovative and groundbreaking work as a vegan image consultant.


Monday, October 21st – The Working Woman’s GPS, A Personalized Roadmap for Success – With JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimoAre you a woman looking to leap forward in your professional journey?  JJ DiGeronimo will provide listeners with a roadmap taken from her highly successful book, The Working Woman’s GPS. She’ll tell us how to get from where we are now to where we want to go. With practical tips and actionable strategies, listeners can leverage their own assessments to fine-tune their current choices and situations and prepare for their desired growth and attainment.

JJ is recognized for her success as an entrepreneur, technology executive, author, wife and mother. She has worked in emerging technologies for over twenty years, much of that time in Silicon Valley with VMware, Inktomi & Accenture. Throughout her career, JJ has interviewed hundreds of successful women. She has organized and packaged her research to empower women in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) globally through keynotes, workshops, panels and webinars.

Her book “The Working Woman’s GPS” and her blog Purposeful Woman: are go-to sources for women.  With a trajectory of success, JJ proves you can have your ALL. In February of 2006, Entrepreneur Magazine featured her first company as a resource for small businesses. In 2007, she received an Innovation Award from Small Business Network. In 2008, she launched Tech Savvy Women that led to the creation in 2011, of Purposeful Woman and in 2012, Journey Charms.


Monday, October 14th – Women Returning to the Workforce: Moms Are Wired to Kick Ass – With Teri Hockett

Teri HockettTeri Hockett is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of What’s For Work? Her niche market is women who have opted out of the workforce but did not get the memo about leaning in (thank you Sheryl, but I needed your book a decade ago). Teri understands the challenges women face, and is passionate about helping others by creating a socially engaging website that encourages companies to be part of the solution for women who have been Employed By Life and are ready to return to the workforce.

According to Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, women returning to the workforce are one of the most underused resources in America, and Stacey Epstein, Inc. 2012, wrote an article: “5 Reasons Your Company Needs More Moms.” “They’re organized, can multi-task, and have zero time to screw around. In short: Moms are wired to kick ass.”

  • At a time when employers are continuing to ask employees to do more with less, you need to hire more women returning to the workforce.
  •  This target demographic does not want to be sold to.  We record shows so we can skip past the ads.  We block all pop ups.  We buy when we know, like, and trust the company and brand.
  • What’s For Work? created a community engagement website that promotes social reciprocity.


Monday, October 7th – Designing for Life: Principles of Universal Design You Need to Know – With Robineve Cole

J. HettingerPlease join Wendy and her fabulous guest, Robineve Cole as they discuss design, beauty and thoughtful functionality. Beauty and function need to hold hands in any business enterprise. Robineve is the Senior Interior Designer for J. Hettinger Interiors and has worked throughout Northern California in that role for over 14 years. She brings wisdom and knowledge from all her experience in the fashion industry, retail and art history.

Robineve will share her personal challenges of dealing with aging parents and how she solved some of those complex problems. Recently a car accident left her temporarily wheelchair bound and she has insight and learning from the new perspective.  Wendy guarantees a fascinating interview!


Monday, September 30th – A Story of Collaboration: Couples in Business – With Ann Sachs

Ann SachsJoin Wendy as she talks with Ann Sachs about partnerships, relationships and working with her husband.  Ann and her husband Roger have worked together for many years. We’ll explore lessons learned, challenges and why it worked – as Ann takes on a new business of her own.

If you are considering a partnership with a spouse or significant other, this show will provide food for thought.

Ann worked as a professional actor from 1967 to 1992, before shifting her career to “the business of show business,” when she joined her husband, Tony award winning lighting designer Roger Morgan, in Sachs Morgan Studio: Theater Design Specialist.

In 1998 Ann joined the Women’s Presidents Organization, an international peer advisory organization for successful women business owners, and has served as chapter chair of a WPO Manhattan group since 2002. Her newest venture is Theatrical Intelligence, a process she developed that uses the theatrical production model to foster creativity in one’s personal and professional life. She’s currently writing a book on the subject.  Learn more at


Monday, September 23rd – Apply “Olympian Thinking” to Your Highest Aspirations – With Marilyn King

Marilyn KingThese challenging times have unleashed a new wave of desire. Direct this powerful energy source to fulfill your Gold Medal Dreams. Join NSA/NC at our first salon (mini meeting) of the year to propel us into greatness as we close out 2013.

  • Discover the three essential traits you must have to “achieve the unimaginable”
  • Hear inspiring stories about ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things and how they do it (step by step)
  • Explore the four ways mental images impact your health, your performance and your future
  • Learn how to tap into the power of passion to access high levels of energy and creativity
  • Engage a simple tool that can transform your life for the better in a nanosecond

Marilyn King’s expertise in exceptional human performance reaches way beyond sports into areas of business leadership development, youth empowerment and peace. Marilyn was already a two-time Olympian when a devastating automobile accident left her unable to train physically for her third Olympic team. Using only mental training she placed second in the demanding five event Pentathlon at the 1980 Olympic Trials.

Since then, Ms. King has become one of America’s leading authorities on exceptional human performance. With over twenty five years of extensive research into the secrets of extraordinary accomplishments in sports, business and education, she delivers powerful and proven and practical tools to help her audiences release the Olympian within themselves. Her common sense approach, unique insights and inspiring presence deliver lasting results wherever she speaks.


Monday, September 16th – I’ve Been Called the B* Word … Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the New-Age Professional Woman – With Dr. R. Kay Green

Dr. R. Kay GreenJoin me as I talk with Dr. R. Kay Green about leadership and building your core competencies as a leader. She is the author of I’ve Been Called the B* Word … Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the New-Age Professional Woman. Dr. Green earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing, and has completed PhD coursework in leadership and organization change. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and an Associate of Arts in Marketing Management. She is affiliated with several prestigious universities and has instructed over 350 courses online.

Dr. Green is currently featured on Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Black News, The Network Journal, Business Review USA, Digital Journal, College View, Business New Hampshire Magazine, Bay State Banner, Reader’s Circle, North Dallas Gazette, Harlem News, Top News Today, One News Page, NE Informer, Women in Business PR News, Consumer News Today, Women PR News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Daily Herald, The Miami Herald, Book News Articles, Great Women Speakers, Great African-American Speakers, Marketing Experts, Black Experts, and Savor the Success.


Monday, September 9th – Tips for Creating a Perfect Pitch: Your Personal Brand – With Robyn Hatcher

Robyn HatcherWhether you run your own company or work for a mega corporation, it’s important to be able to stand out. Join me as I talk with Robyn Hatcher – founder of SpeakEtc., a boutique communication and presentation-skills training company, and the author of Standing Ovation Presentations (Motivational Press, April, 2013).

According to Robyn, you must first identify the qualities, strengths and values you naturally possess as well as the qualities you’ve adopted over the years. These qualities make up your primary ActorType. But you can’t stop at just identifying them. You need to polish and optimize the qualities and strengths that serve you and your business well and learn to minimize and compensate for the “fatal flaws” that do not.

Do you know what your communication style is?  Like actors on the stage, we all embody a predominant ActorType, which can be working for or against us. Knowing your unique ActorType, its qualities and “fatal flaws” can help you stand out from the crowd and powerfully lead a meeting, make the case or conduct a successful presentation. Click this link to see nine different ActorTypes and where you might fit in.

If you’d like to see Robyn’s five ingredients for a perfect pitch and her top tips for powerful communication, click here.

Are you a hero, whiz kid, or buddy? Get in character to run your business and go read Robyn’s article on Upstart Business Journal.


Monday, September 2nd – The Wild Ride of Couplehood: Talking About Finances With Your Partner – With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Kathleen Burns KingsburyKathleen Burns Kingsbury, author of several books including, How to give Financial Advice to Women and her new book, How to Give Financial Advice to Couples, teaches you how to embrace your economic power and use your voice to talk more openly about money with your partner.  Discover the top 5 myths about couples and money and how to work to bust them wide open in your relationship.  Learn how to find a couple-friendly financial advisor to work with and why you need to be an active participant in your financial life – both professionally and personally.

Kathleen is a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, and the author of several books.  An international speaker, Kathleen presents regularly at industry conferences, is frequently quoted by trade publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters Wealth, and Financial Planning Magazine, and is a regular columnist for  She has written numerous articles for publications such as Advisor Perspectives, American Banker and Investment and Wealth Monitor and has been a guest expert on financial radio shows nationally. 

Kathleen is a faculty member of the Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) program and an adjunct lecturer at the McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University, where she teaches “Psychology in Financial Planning.” She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and an Undergraduate Degree in Finance, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.  Her next book, How to Give Financial Advice to Couples: Essential Skills for Balancing High-Net-Worth Clients’ Needs will be published by McGraw-Hill in September of 2013.

When she is not working, Kathleen is an avid alpine skier who lives for the next powder day. In the off-season, she enjoys road and mountain biking, kayaking, and sailing.


Monday, August 26th – Women … Politics … Silicon Valley … Let’s Talk!
With Michelle Kraus

Michelle KrausJoin Wendy as she chats with Dr. Michelle Kraus: innovator, social web pundit, tech executive, entrepreneur, Tedster and … one smart, tough broad. The worlds of Tech and Politics are her playground. She’s a respected voice and leader. You can’t miss this show.

Michelle has published two books that have received critical acclaim, written for many industry publications, and is a prolific commentator in the blogosphere.

In addition she is:

  • Advisor to, a leading social and curation video platform
  • Advisor to Neighborhood Oil, a new social and pricing platform providing heating oil to lower income households in the North East
  • Advisor to Squirrel Software, the developer of ERP software for small manufacturing companies to encourage growth in areas hit by the Recession
  • Board Member, She Heroes, a 501C.3 dedicated to engaging young girls with diverse, professional role models
  • Member, National Finance Committee for President Barack Obama


Monday, August 19th – Conversations with Men on Advancing Women
With Grant Wattie

Grant WattieGrant Wattie is the CEO and Founder of GWALS, the Global Women’s Leadership Summit. GWALS aims to advance women the world over by connecting the worlds top experts across industries with the global community of professional women.

Why would a man work so hard to help the advancement of women? Grant believes advancing women is not only a matter of justice, it is the key to solving the worlds social, economic and environmental problems. He also encourages men to engage in the conversation, to support women. His work is supported with diverse cross cultural experiences working with royalty, governments, The Governor General, diplomats and international business leaders. Grant received the highest honor given to a foreign dignitary by the Government of Chile for his services – The Bernardo O’Higgins award. He has a unique blend of skills from a diverse career in corporate, business ownership, technology and franchise start-ups, executive coaching and family therapy over the past 25 years.

Grant enjoys playing competitive squash, cooking, and is an internationally renowned professional photographer, having received many professional awards.
Join us on Monday, August 12th and find out how this one man is playing such a large role in the advancement of women.


Monday, August 12th – Creating Success with the Message of You
With Judy Carter

Judy CarterAuthor, speech coach, and comedy guru Judy Carter knows the power of personal stories and teaches how to use them to get laughs, connect with clients, promote businesses, and discover the message of you.

Carter started her career as a magician and later became a headlining standup comic. She’s been featured on over 100 TV shows and nominated for Atlantic City’s Entertainer of the Year. Her first book, “Standup Comedy: The Book” (Random House) was featured on the The Oprah Winfrey Show. After Oprah’s recommendation, Judy became an in-demand comedy coach, working with America’s top comics as well as teaching comedy in China, Australia, Sweden, Russia and Germany.

On a mission to help out humor-impaired corporate America, Carter’s keynotes have been the subject of Wall Street Journal articles and have thrilled attendees at many Fortune 500 companies including Fedex, Oracle, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, and Boeing, as well as hundreds of finance, healthcare and women’s events.

When she’s not speaking, snowboarding, or scuba diving, Carter coaches speakers and comics in addition to writing books. She’s the author of The Comedy Bible (Simon & Schuster). Her latest book is The Message of You (St. Martin’s Press, 2013), which teaches readers how to use their life stories as business tools, as well as to remind themselves of what they stand for and what their life purpose is.

Carter is also a regular contributor to National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.”
Her animals and spouse reside in Venice Beach, California, where they provide periodic accommodations to her.

So be sure to join Wendy and Judy as they discuss how to:

  • Promote your business using the Message of You
  • Find your message from your signature stories
  • Use stories to connect to clients
  • Turn problems into punch lines to get laughs


Monday, August 5th – Are Women Being Paid What They Are Worth?
With Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss

Business & Marketing Expert, Allison Bliss, Director of an Oakland Marketing Communications Agency explores the schism she has observed, and helped women business owners overcome, for decades.
The big issue: women and men’s earnings. Allison and Wendy discuss why even successful, powerful, brilliant women hit the wall when it comes to earning what they’re truly worth. They’ll reveal how to shatter the glass ceiling mystique, show the naked truth about women’s behavior causing their demise and outline specific actions women can take to regain their power and actually feel comfortable charging higher prices to truly earn what they are worth.


Monday, July 29th – Wendy will be broadcasting LIVE from the National Speakers Association Convention in Philadelphia!
With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Lauran Star and a parade of other guests

NSA logo
Have you ever thought of becoming a professional speaker to share your message with the world? I am broadcasting LIVE from the National Speakers Association Convention in Philadelphia which is being held July 27-30, 2013. My guests will include my dear friends and colleagues Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Lauran Star and a parade of other guests who will share what they are learning! Join us!


Monday, July 15th – Making Money with Your Intellectual Property – with Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca MorganWhen Rebecca Morgan, talks, even Oprah listens! As a best-selling author, Rebecca has appeared on The Oprah Show and she has created over 400 audio products. Two of her 25 books have sold more then 200,000 copies each and are translated into 9 languages. She is famous for “Making Money in Your Jammies.”

Join us as we discuss how to create win/wins, get customers to opt-in happily, show you how to build your email list and whatever else comes up! With Rebecca, there’s never a dull moment or a lack of ideas.


Monday, July 8th – SheHeroes: Providing Role Models for the Next Generation of Girls and Boys – with Sophia Yen and Pia Guerrero

SheHeroesSheHeroes’ mission is to tell inspiring stories of female role models via free web based video interviews geared towards 3rd through 5th graders. Join me as we chat with Dr. Sophia Yen, Co-Founder and Chairperson and Pia Guerrero, Executive Director of SheHeroes. We will discuss the impact of the program in creating a society where gender doesn’t limit one’s choice and voices of both women and men are heard with equal regard.



Monday, July 1st – Pricing: The Hidden Asset We All Need to Understand – with Mark Stiving

markIt’s All in the BRA: BUSINESS * REVENUE * ASSETS is your platform for building your business, but one often overlooked, extremely bodacious asset is pricing.  As a successful woman business owner, you need the knowledge and savvy about determining the value /price of you, your service or your product in the marketplace.  Dr. Mark Stiving is a “Pricing Expert” and the “First Male Guest” on the show.  Mark will share his expertise and wisdom and is always happy to offer support to the girls!

Mark is a sought after speaker and author and explores with his audience this least understood yet most powerful concept, the correlation of pricing to value.  His new book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, was written to further share his expertise.  Additionally, Mark has a very entertaining and educational blog called where he introduces readers to the finer points of this significant subject.

If you’re looking for Mark’s famous (infamous?) hooker story, look no further.  Below is How to Price: Lessons from a Hooker.

During Mark’s presentations he often tells the story of an experience in Las Vegas (not what you think) to help drive home three main lessons in pricing:

  1. Know your value.
  2. Segment your pricing
  3. Create a product portfolio

Learn more at


Monday, June 24th – How to REALLY OWN Your Business! – with Anne Maxfield

Anne MaxfieldIf you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know how to dominate your finances, Anne Maxfield can help.

One of the things Anne learned as a member of the WPO is that even while running multi-million dollar businesses, most women don’t really have a handle on their numbers. It’s not that they’re uninformed, just uninterested. So what’s the fix? Showing women that numbers can be (almost) as interesting as the latest shoe collections.

Rather than doing triage when a company is in, or approaching, crisis mode – Anne believes in being proactive about it.  As women, we’re often guilty of a couple of things that men don’t even think about. One of them is paying ourselves and paying ourselves well. The other is finding someone else to do the work – i.e. hiring help.

In this show, Anne will talk about steps you can take to dominate your finances, and if it seems daunting, how to start using consultants wisely. Not only will you end up with more money, but you’ll also have the time to start spending it!

Anne Maxfield is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur. Her vision for her website, the Accidental Locavore is to take the fear out of farmer’s markets – giving you the knowledge to conquer corn and recipes to tame tomatoes! She is the consummate foodie and has had food adventures in her backyard and around the world.  Currently, she is working with women entrepreneurs, applying that same passion to showing them how to dominate their finances.


Monday, June 17th – How to Communicate with Style for Effective Results – with Allison Tabor

Allison TaborAre you interested in learning how to identify your own communication style, as well as recognize the styles of others to transform your relationships and results? Whether you want to increase your sales, gain increased understanding, enjoy improved communication, build trust or earn the respect of others, our guest speaker Allison Tabor will provide you with actionable take-aways to help make that happen!

Allison is the owner of Coppia Communications and a highly regarded “thinking partner” empowering executives and their teams by bringing out the best in their communication, performance and satisfaction. She combines her firsthand business ownership experience with strong qualifications, including being a Certified Professional Coach as well as Licensed DISC Consultant One Page Business Plan® Consultant.

She specializes in Communication, Strategic Planning and Coaching with entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Executives of small to mid-sized companies.

Allison is also the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) Diablo Valley Chapter Chair, facilitating a peer advisory group of Bay Area multi-million dollar entrepreneurial women presidents and CEOs in order to bring the “genius out of the group” and accelerate the growth of their business. Allison is a true leader and “thinking partner” who enthusiastically motivates and inspires other entrepreneurs to achieve greater profitability and success.

If this topic interests you, attend Allison’s Upcoming Live Speaking Event:
Move from GOOD to GREAT communication – at the Laptop Lounge, Walnut Creek: Tuesday, July 23rd at 5:30pm


Monday, June 10th – Beyond the Ask: What Women Need to Know About Negotiating at Work – with Lisa Bergeron

Lisa BergeronStudies proclaim that “women don’t ask” and this is a barrier for career success. Leading Women’s Lisa Bergeron talks about the critical reasons why women need to be more comfortable and confident when negotiating in everyday work-related situations. Negotiating is not about winning or losing or always walking away with more. It is about the art of exploring the many shades of possibilities by communicating and asking for what you need. Because if you don’t ask, you will get less than you expected. Step out of your negotiating comfort zone and challenge how you think about and approach negotiations.

Lisa Bergeron is president of Leading Women New England and is an accomplished leader, with an innate ability to advance business. Lisa drives Leading Women New England’s strategic growth, relationship management and business development. Her clients describe her as “a master networker and extraordinary role model for effectively connecting women to positive outcomes. She brings a dedication and passion for creative thinking that creates the ultimate for companies and individuals – growth!”

Be sure to read Lisa’s guest post Negotiating: Beyond the Ask over on the blog here.


Monday, June 3rd – You Just Need One Great Idea – with Cozy Friedman

Cozy FriedmanWhen Cozy Friedman started Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, she didn’t have salon expertise, retail experience, or even children of her own yet! But, she did have a great idea for a salon that would not just allow children, but would welcome them with open arms. Once she had her eureka moment to fill this need, the rest came later, but it all started with one idea.

Cozy has branched out her business to include Cozy’s Braid Bar, Blow Dry Bar, kid’s hair care products, and even her first book! However, no matter what direction her projects take her, they all lead back to that first central idea—to give children and their parents a wonderful hair-cutting experience made just for them.

Cozy’s brand is about people and emotions, and she never forgets that. This focus also comes from that “aha-moment” when she decided that crying children and nervous parents weren’t a problem for her business, they were her business.  That’s why Cozy only staffs her salons with experienced stylists who enjoy working with children, design grape scented shampoo, and sets up Toy Boutiques in her salons!


Monday, May 27th – Women in Construction Mentoring and Culture – with Antonya Williams and Guest Lisa Bergeron

Antonya WilliamsAntonya Williams talks about what it is like to be a woman in the construction industry. She graduated from Chico State with a degree in Construction Management because she always wanted to be in the business. Listen to Antonya talk about her experience and her passion around  mentoring. She has had mentors along the way who have helped her  to grow so much in her company. And talk about mentoring — we have a special guest joining us for the first part of the show — Lisa Bergeron, President of Leading Women of Southeastern New England and CT.

Antonya Williams grew up in Chico, California. Her parents owned a construction company. When she was sixteen, she would drive the six-yard dump truck when they had to move dirt, landscape materials, demo projects. She knew she wanted to be in construction professionally and found out that there was a construction management program at Chico State. She graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management. She was hired by McCarthy Building Company.

Projects that she’s worked on include K to 12 education, detention and hospital construction. She’s currently working on a large hospital project with a main focus in cost management. Antonya is actively involved with Toastmasters, Ace Mentoring, National Association Of Women In Construction, Urban Land Institute, and most importantly, Big Brothers And Big Sisters Of The Bay Area.

Lisa Bergeron, President of Leading Women of Southeastern New England and CT. Leading women provides innovative and cutting-edge leadership solutions that help women create careers that soar and companies achieve their goals for women’s advancement. So of course she is a great resource to discuss Mentoring.

Leading Women’s clients nationally and regionally include, Pfizer, Amgen, CVS, GTECH, Staples, Campbell’s, AT&T, Sunoco, Burger King, Blue Cross Blue Shield RI, Lifespan, Aipso, and Ximedica as well as regional law firms, accounting firms, retailers and non-profit organizations.


Monday, May 20th – How to Use Sex and Power to Increase Sales – with Beatrice Stonebanks

Beatrice StonebanksIf you would like to know how to dominate without being domineering and how to be submissive without being subservient, then join Beatrice Stonebanks and learn how to:

  • Use sex to your advantage without compromising your reputation
  • Understand why and how sex works best in business
  • Dress the part confidently
  • Identify what’s missing in any situation and how to evidence it in you to create a win/win
  • Set the ground rules, negotiate the options, and define the safe words for conducting hot business meetings, which increase sales

Beatrice is a Sales Management Consultant who believes it’s about taking a look at what-works and what-doesn’t-work on a company’s sales team: getting egos out of the way, under-performers off the team, leading by example using straightforward communication and bleeding edge technology mixed with a powerhouse work ethic.

Beatrice is also the Editor-in-Chief of Society of Janus’ newsletters: Growing Pains and Rapid Release, taking great pride in collating kink stories with educational BDSM facts, theory, quotes, photos and SF Bay Area exclusive interviews.

Beatrice has 25 years’ experience leading national sales teams and increasing revenues; she knows what-works and what-doesn’t work, both in the boardroom and in the dungeon.


Monday, May 13th – Achieving Lasting Influence in a World Filled with Bells, Whistles & Busy People – with Lena West

Lena WestLena L. West is the leading expert on how women entrepreneurs can monetize social media. She is also the Founder of, the home of the Influence Expansion Academy, the only social media mastermind program created specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Join us as Lena discusses how to achieve lasting influence in today’s busy world. You’ll learn:

  • About the link between expansion of influence and a company’s revenue
  • What Lena means by “authority without influence”
  • How long it takes to build influence
  • 5 simple ways people listening can increase their influence within the next 3 days!

Lena is the winner of several business awards, among them: The Network Journal’s “40 Under Forty”, AlleyCat News’ “25 Women of Silicon Alley,” The Women’s Congress’ Entrepreneurial Champion for Women in Business and was dubbed an “Entrepreneurial Hero” by NCWIT.

A sought-after writer and speaker, Lena writes and speaks regularly about the merits and potential pitfalls of social media. She communicates her expertise about social media, web 2.0 and online technologies through Social Media 360, her expert blog on; her Seriously Social column and blog for Entrepreneur Magazine; as well as feature articles for both InfoWorld and Jupitermedia. She has spoken on Capitol Hill and for organizations such as American Express, Wharton School of Business, SCORE, National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), Syracuse University and The Learning Annex.

A firm believer in the adage, “To whom much is given, much is required”, Lena is deeply committed to her pro bono work as well. She sits on the BlogHer Business Advisory Board, the Center for Women’s Business Research Advisory Council and the National Advisory Board for The Women’s Congress.


Monday, May 6th – An Entrepreneur’s Goal: Double Your Profits – with Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini

First, check in on your “HELL YES Business Plan” for 2013 so that you can double your impact and do the same (or more) for your profits.

Then create six and seven-figure business practices by tapping into your Inner Business Expert. This has been Jeanna’s secret weapon for years!

Finally, commit to doing it once and for all because you DESERVE to have the experience of living your vision, having more than enough money and the thrill of success … and leveraging the power of attraction to make it easy!

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple!) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun.  Jeanna’s coaching & seminars marry vision, divine guidance and proven strategies so you can ditch the mental merry-go-rounds and overwhelm and say, “HELL YES to fun, peace and increased profits!”  Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield.

Bonus:  Download the visual map of how Jeanna tripled her income in less than a year with ease and FUN! You’re also going to get your own visual map to fill in with your most important HELL YESES for this year. If it’s not a HELL YES, it doesn’t go on your map!  Plus, Jeanna documented her journey for you, too! This will make your next profitable steps very clear.

Download for FREE at

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  1. allison says:

    Wow, what a line-up! Such interesting topics and way outside the normal ‘women’s biz same ole same ole’ topics.Excellent creative mix from the ‘doesn’t fit into a nutshell’ genius of Wendy Hanson. I’m tuning in now and telling all my female clients to do the same.