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It’s All About the People

As we move into the new year I am reminded, that’s it’s all about the people. The people we spend time with in our personal life and our business become mirrors to who we are and what we reflect to … Continue reading

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Leadership in Problem Solving

As a leader and/or business owner, you need to hold the vision for the ideal state of many things. Here’s an easy formula to keep things simple. 1.  Share your perception -the current state of the situation. This might be … Continue reading

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Hiring Great People

One of the most important jobs of a leader is hiring great people. Many companies such as Google take a long time to get to know someone during the hiring period. I’ve heard it has taken up to six months. … Continue reading

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Remote Teams and Connection

So many companies, especially high tech and online media companies are working remotely. How do we build connection when we are spread out across the country?  Building connection to build a team needs to be very intentional when you work … Continue reading

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Connection Builds Teams

What comes to your mind when I say—“Connection Builds Teams”? Does your brain say—“oh yes” or “huh?” There is important data that backs up the theory that when you are connected with people at work and have satisfying relationships, you … Continue reading

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Your Personal Org Chart

When you think about an organizational chart, what comes to your mind? Most people think of the rigid charts that document the reporting lines in a big organization. It’s usually a top-down structure. There’s a different way to create an … Continue reading

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Renegades – Business Lessons From Dragon Boat Racing

Last month, in the middle of San Francisco Bay, I learned more about myself and teaming than I have in a while. Treasure Island, a jewel of an island buried beneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, provided the perfect … Continue reading

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Love Works in Business and In Yoga

I just started reading a fabulous new business book, “Love Works. Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders” by Joel Manby.  It is so refreshing to hear a positive perspective on getting strong business results and treating people with deep respect … Continue reading

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