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Thinking Big!

Thinking big doesn’t do you any good unless you take action!

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We Teach What We Need to Perfect

The month of January has taught me that the metaphor of the dance floor to the balcony is always useful. The concept of the balcony and the dance floor comes from Leadership Can Be Taught by Sharon Daloz Parks. It … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Keep Your Vision and Mission Alive

What is your mission statement? Our guest, Joan Dwyer, from All That Matters shared some great wisdom for business owners on It’s All in the BRA: Business-Revenue-Assets™.  All businesses, big and small need a mission statement. For example: Google’s mission is … Continue reading

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A Budget is a Bra for Your Business

Guest post by Anne Maxfield Accidental Locavore If you can figure out a 20% discount on a pair of shoes faster than you can on giving an employee a 10% commission on gross profit, then you’re ready to join Wendy … Continue reading

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How to Earn a Raise – Lessons from Pricing

Guest post by Mark Stiving, Ph.D. – Pricing Expert, Speaker, Author Pragmatic Pricing The other day one of my employees asked for a raise.  Believe it or not, as director of pricing at a large company, I don’t really have much … Continue reading

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Your Personal Org Chart

When you think about an organizational chart, what comes to your mind? Most people think of the rigid charts that document the reporting lines in a big organization. It’s usually a top-down structure. There’s a different way to create an … Continue reading

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Look Back, to Move Forward

In looking ahead to plan next year, what is important to you in 2013? What do you want this next year to be about? I believe if we do not create the map for where we want to go, we … Continue reading

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Flexible Time and Schedules + Better Business Results

I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan Alpert on Business Innovators, my Blog Talk Radio show. Megan has been in sales at MapQuest, a company of AOL, for over ten years. For the last seven years she has worked part … Continue reading

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