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In February I went to San Diego for a program to become certified in the StrengthsFinder assessment. StrengthsFinder is an assessment developed by the Gallup organization and I’ve been using it for many years. The StrengthsFinder measures not strengths, but … Continue reading

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We Teach What We Need to Perfect

The month of January has taught me that the metaphor of the dance floor to the balcony is always useful. The concept of the balcony and the dance floor comes from Leadership Can Be Taught by Sharon Daloz Parks. It … Continue reading

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Fake It ‘til You Make It

Have you ever lost your confidence? Have you ever experienced a time in your business or in your work where you felt like everything was just going wrong? Especially if you are an entrepreneur, you are bound to have those … Continue reading

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I Can’t Do That!

Have you ever come up against an activity, a goal or a job and said, “I can’t do that!” Where has that shown up for you?  Have you seen yoga postures, technical problems on your computer or physical challenges and … Continue reading

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Improv in Business

The skills needed for improv – inventiveness, flexibility, quickness, the ability to incorporate new ideas as they appear moment to moment are precisely the same skills we need in business. How many entrepreneurs go through their whole day as if … Continue reading

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Business Planning for Tomorrow

“Yesterday is yesterday, today is tomorrow”. A passionate executive from a major tech company said this at a meeting last week. It certainly speaks to the urgency that we find in business today. You’ve already lost today when it begins … Continue reading

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WendyHansonConnects Launches!

I am looking forward to sharing and learning new insights about business and being a successful entrepreneur. I will be talking about the latest ah-ha’s, challenges, obstacles etc I see when working with many fabulous businesses and watching others.

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