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Wendy HansonWendy Hanson is co-founder and CEO of Corley Hanson Associates and the Chief Connector in PointForward Partners. Both organizations provide highly specialized coaching and consulting designed to move your business forward.

Whether you’re planning a fundamental new business direction, trying to get teams to work more productively, or simply want a speaker who can motivate and transform your company or association, Wendy and her team can help you do it more efficiently, professionally, and effectively.

Business Health Assessment

Business Health Assessment

The Business Health Assessment is a powerful tool created through more than 15 years of experience working with companies such as Google, Verizon, AOL, Associated Content, MapQuest, Parexel and many others to harnesses the wisdom of your workforce so you can:

  1. Understand your strengths to better leverage them as you grow.
  2. Identify trouble spots in the organization that, if not resolved, can impede future growth.
  3. Understand variances in perception by subgroups (e.g., different departments, job functions, office locations etc…) to build continuity across the organization.
  4. Create a companywide benchmark to measure progress against.

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Together, let’s make your business a team sport.

No matter how small or “stuck in its ways” your company may be, Corley Hanson has the impartial edge and visionary insight to reinvigorate your culture, structure and business model to point you towards success.

Wendy partners with you to help your business work better at all levels, through a series of customized coaching, team building, leadership skill development workshops. All while focusing on the nature of your organization’s work and industry.

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