5 Things Not to Do When You Want Revenue Fast

Guest post by Jeanna Gabellini
MasterPeace Coaching

Jeanna GabelliniIncreasing your revenue or spendable income is a common desire. Hey, I’m right there with you. I want to invest more into my business, personal growth, learning technologies, home improvements, retirement funds, college funds, bigger and better car and airplane, not to mention clothes, vacations, dinners, gifts, and charities. I could keep going but you know what I’m talking about.

Many of you know the usual advice on attracting more money into your life. Right now, I want to focus on the thoughts and actions that you want to avoid in your journey to more money.

  1. Stop looking at your past reality unless you have achieved financial abundance. If you have, then look at what was different during that time. What were you mentally focusing on? How did you treat your money? Were you doing something different strategically?
  2. Don’t beat yourself up about the current state of your financial affairs. Logically, how does that help you? You can’t get new ideas, solutions or more money when you’re down on yourself, your business or someone else that you think caused this misfortune. Get your head into creating what you want, not what is.
  3. Get your attention off debt accumulation. The majority of us have increased our debt during hard times. While you may be emotionally triggered by seeing it rise, you must focus on revenue accumulation. Powerfully make a decision to eliminate debt, create a simply strategy to pay it off (even if you have to start with incredibly small steps), and then give all of your energy to attracting prosperity.
  4. Let go of trying hard to figure out the miracle solution. It’s hard to hunt down a solution if you feel powerless or stuck. Trust that your solution will come once you’ve declared that you have decided to kick some bootie in the revenue department.When I was at my all time lowest point with my income, I had no clue how I would dig myself out of the “mess” I’d created. I wasn’t feeling creative. I was at an all time high with debt and felt totally out of integrity. But once I decided to take the situation back into my control, little by little solutions revealed themselves.
  5. Never sell your soul in money creation. Don’t try to market a product or service that you don’t truly align with just to get money in the door. Don’t take an extra job you hate and force yourself to go to work. Don’t lower your prices for services or goods out of desperation. All of these actions will get you no further ahead because you will feel disempowered. Yes, you may need to take some extreme actions, but make sure your heart is fully behind them so that they yield the desired results.

Jeanna is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 25 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. Get your complimentary audio “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” here: http://masterpeacecoaching.com/resources/free-cd

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